Welcome to the Online Registration Portal of CUSAT for the  Staff / Faculty Recruitment

Guidelines for submission of online application (For Regular faculty positions).

How to prepare and forward hard copies to the University. (For Regular faculty positions).

  • Take the printout of application form Part A from your profile by re-login to the profile after final submission of the application. If you take the printout before the final submission, there will be a water mark “Sample page Not to be submitted”  on the application form as well as the space for date of submission is replaced by the clause “Application not yet submitted.” at the left bottom of the last page of application form. On final submission the water mark will be disappeared and “application not yet submitted” is replaced by the date of submission of online application. Submitting the printout, that is printed before online submission, may lead to the rejection of the application form.
  • Sign the application form in the space provided. (Unsigned application will be rejected)
  • Affix a photograph (the same used for uploading the online application) on the right top portion of the application and duly attest it by a Gazetted officer.
  • Take 4 photocopies of this application form and marked at the top right portion as Bundle II to V and the original be marked as Bundle I
  • Print five copies of the Application form Part B from the profile and attach each copy to bundle I to V just below the application form Part A.
  • Attach original conduct certificate (dated after the Notification), Original Cash Receipt or Photocopy of the Demand Draft, Copies  (self attested) of the Community Certificate/ Non Creamy Layer Certificate obtained for applying for faculty position in CUSAT, copies (self attested) of Certificates and mark lists from  Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination onwards to the Bundle I of the application form. If you passed any of the qualifying examination starting from Post Graduation from a University outside Kerala State, obtain and attach the eligibility Certificate for that Degree from CUSAT. (for this you have to make separate request with sufficient fee well in advance). If you possess a PhD degree from abroad, obtain and attach Recognition Certificate from CUSAT. Certificates and mark lists shall be self attested arranged in the ascending order of the year of examination.
  • Attach all other certificates/ documents including  Certificates of participation and presentation of papers in seminar/ Conferences, Participation of Short term training programmes/ refresher courses etc.
  • Finally attach one copy of the Research Publications in the ascending order of year of publication with proof of impact Factor (Cover page of the journal or document obtained from web pages/ sites). Original Demand Draft shall be tied securely to the Bundle I of the application form.
  • All the papers in bundle I shall have the signature of the applicant. All the papers (excluding original DD) shall be bundled together (preferably spiral bound) with a facing sheet bearing the caption “Bundle I of the Application for the post of  (Sl No…… Name of post .. … … … … … … … … …. … … … … . with Reg No. … ;…. ….. in respect of  Mr. / Ms/ Dr.  … .. …. ….. …… ……. …… …… …….. ……… ……….. .
  • The remaining four copies of the publications with impact factor shall be attached to the applications marked as Bundle II to Bundle V
Bundle I shall then be submitted to the University within the time fixed for submission of hard copy. The remaining four bundles (Bundle II to V) should be kept with the applicant for production at the time of certificate verification in connection with the interview (if selected for the same).